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My favourite place to create

So I paint a lot, I’ve painted all over the place. I would like to be one of those artists who could paint happily in a field, with the wind in my hair with my water balanced on a log. But I’m not. I like to be comfortable, I like to be warm, I like my cup of tea.
My favourite place to be is at home at my desk. Working from photos or a still life gives me the freedom to paint anywhere. So my best thing is listening to an audible book, preferably with David Tennant narrating James Bond, painting and in my own space.
My guilty secret however is my shed, its a thing of wonder. Its tiny, it over looks my garden and is surrounded by Hazel trees. If I’m quiet the birds hop about without knowing I’m there. That feels magical.
But more magical than that, is that I glitter in my shed. That is indeed a verb. I add some glitter to my cards and prints and get covered in the stuff. I then get it all over my face without me realising. (It was terrible I went to a funeral a week ago not realising that I was covered in it. She was a glamourous lady who I’m sure would have approved). My advice is sometimes less is more unless its glitter…then go big or go home!
Irrespective of where you create, the important thing is that you are.