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So I’ve been painting and exhibiting for a while now. Its a scary thing to do, parading your work for all to see. When I do this I can only see the mistakes or things I could have done better. Yet someone will walk in and think its great and clever, thankfully all they see is the finished product, not the hours spent or failures in the recycling. It takes courage and soul searching to put yourself out there. So to all the artists out there say doing Bucks Open Studios at the moment or any other shows…..go for it.

So a very clever man called Buddha wrote:
“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

Wise words…but the words in the image above make me smile too! Get out there people! x


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8 Good Reasons to Create Today

I’m busy, you’re busy, there is always something to do, something that needs your immediate attention. I could wander around my house all day putting things in the right place but it doesn’t achieve anything for me and art.  The house may be less cluttered but, does that matter right now?  So make time.

  1. It reduces stress.
  2. Your art will surprise you, it will generally turn out better than you believe it will.
  3. It will inspire others to start their own art journey – never underestimate the effect you have on others.
  4. The dust will still be there tomorrow.
  5. Don’t plan it  – just see where it takes you.  Life without sat nav is fun.
  6. How often are we selfish? I’m guessing hardly ever, so take the time, you’re more than worth it.
  7. If all the other creators you love hadn’t taken the step you are about to, you wouldn’t feel the way you do.
  8. If art was a part of your regular routine, that would be a positive thing for all the reasons above.  Make it so Number One.
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So why do you paint that?

So people ask me allsorts of things, some of them are even related to my art!

I get asked that a lot…I really do.  Yes – I can paint seascapes and landscapes, yes I can paint flowers, no I don’t paint human portraits, yes I do life drawing.

So why do I paint portraits of shoes?  The answer is simple, they are absurdly difficult.

Everyone has shoes, everyones knows what they look like, so everyone can see when they are wrong.  Everyone is an expert.  Taking photos of shoes is difficult and painting them even more so…..but I love it.

I’ve yet to paint ones that I didn’t love, people are sentimental about them..first baby shoes, wedding shoes, grandad and grandson together shoes, they all mean love and happy memories….

If I can capture what they see and what they love – it makes my day! x



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Painting and Drawing…the story continues…

Happy New Year!

I’m not really sure how long it’s polite to keep saying that for, but yes I’m still creating.

I’ve just finished two pet portraits in pencil, two dogs  – one cute and fluffy, the other smooth and sophisicated.  These are for a family and we are having the design put onto mugs too.  They will look lovely I’m hoping, I’ll post a photo as soon as they are agreed.

Other news…shoe portraits are still top of my list at the minute.  So much paint  – so little time.  Some are quicker than others but usually there are at least 6 or 7 layers of paint.  They only ever come to life in the last hour, stitching, a glint of light on a buckle or a shadow – then boom…. it’s finished.  They are then out on a bookcase or somewhere I can see them without looking for a day so I can see any faults.  I take photos too, look at them in a mirror and glare at them until I’m happy.

The best part for me is a happy client.  They love the subject, I just hope that they see what I have seen… an eye sparkle, diamonds maybe or a beautiful heel.  It’s nerve racking too, but all artists have that fear.  We are our own worst critic, but when a commission has delighted it’s the best feeling!