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So do you get those days? The ones where everything in your house annoys you? You wish for a tiny Ikea filled flat that is yours and no one else can trash? Where your bedroom is your study and studio. Your kitchen is your dining room and and armchair and tiny table is your lounge? Yet it would be more preferable that more space with extra people in it? Yes I really do sometimes.
For those lucky pampered people, it’s like your favourite cafe where you love the food but don’t have to pay, tip or say thank you. For us its different. Where your day is planned, something happens and you still have to do everything you planned but someone else is changing the agenda without permission. Its irritating, it grates on the soul.
So I’m sounding like the most ungrateful person on the planet, which I quite possibly am. This is not the week to ask me to do anything, the whole team has been poorly and we are all tired, possibily a bit stressed. I am indeed beyond lucky to have my team around me, to share and contribute to their lives.
But to create the stuff that we do, we need headspace, just a bit of time where we can concentrate. Just imagine if the great masters – whoever you consider them to be – had to stop what they were doing to do an errand or make dinner, or clean up after the cats.I’m not suggesting for one moment that I am indeed a great master, quite a lot of my work ends up as kindling, so I am very aware of my many, many shortcomings and failures.
So I think the message that I’m finally getting around to is directed at the people who live with us. Consider for a moment the world beyond your nose, beyond that whim, that thing that you could actually do yourself but it’s easier if someone else does it. Let the creative one in your world work and concentrate on what they need to. Its hard to create, its actually easier to make the dinner and hoover the lounge than create. So take away the white noise and let us get on.
Rant over – who wants a snack?