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So why do you paint that?

So people ask me allsorts of things, some of them are even related to my art!

I get asked that a lot…I really do.  Yes – I can paint seascapes and landscapes, yes I can paint flowers, no I don’t paint human portraits, yes I do life drawing.

So why do I paint portraits of shoes?  The answer is simple, they are absurdly difficult.

Everyone has shoes, everyones knows what they look like, so everyone can see when they are wrong.  Everyone is an expert.  Taking photos of shoes is difficult and painting them even more so…..but I love it.

I’ve yet to paint ones that I didn’t love, people are sentimental about them..first baby shoes, wedding shoes, grandad and grandson together shoes, they all mean love and happy memories….

If I can capture what they see and what they love – it makes my day! x



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