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Painting and Drawing…the story continues…

Happy New Year!

I’m not really sure how long it’s polite to keep saying that for, but yes I’m still creating.

I’ve just finished two pet portraits in pencil, two dogs  – one cute and fluffy, the other smooth and sophisicated.  These are for a family and we are having the design put onto mugs too.  They will look lovely I’m hoping, I’ll post a photo as soon as they are agreed.

Other news…shoe portraits are still top of my list at the minute.  So much paint  – so little time.  Some are quicker than others but usually there are at least 6 or 7 layers of paint.  They only ever come to life in the last hour, stitching, a glint of light on a buckle or a shadow – then boom…. it’s finished.  They are then out on a bookcase or somewhere I can see them without looking for a day so I can see any faults.  I take photos too, look at them in a mirror and glare at them until I’m happy.

The best part for me is a happy client.  They love the subject, I just hope that they see what I have seen… an eye sparkle, diamonds maybe or a beautiful heel.  It’s nerve racking too, but all artists have that fear.  We are our own worst critic, but when a commission has delighted it’s the best feeling!

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